Your Dogue de Bordeaux’s Health

One strong issue when it comes to taking care of dogs is the question of health. Sure, you might be one of those who would gladly build a website for your dog, and willingly proclaim your love for him or her on social media, for all your website visitors and the rest of the world to see, but if you don’t know the specifics about your dogue de bordeaux’s healthcare, then all of that won’t really count for much.

Here are some health care tips for your dogue de bordeaux (because no, your reliance on your dog parent ‘gut’ just won’t cut it much longer).

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Dealing With the Unwanted: Ticks and Fleas

Yes, your dogue de bordeaux are likely to have these ticks and fleas, especially if you’re not careful.Daily inspections of your dogue de bordeaux for ticks and fleas throughout the warm seasons are of utmost importance. You can find fleas using a flea comb. There are numerous new methods of tick mitigation. Ask your veterinarian about these and other options.

Oral Care for Your Dog

Here’s a piece of truth: when it comes to your dogue de bordeaux, bad breath might be the least of your worries. If your dogue de bordeaux has bad breath, periodontal disease might simply be the tip of the iceberg as far as his health issues. Intestinal or liver diseases also cause halitosis, whereas a fruity, sweet smell can frequently be a sign of diabetes. Kidney disease is a possible cause when your dogue de bordeaux’s breath smells like ammonia or urine. Set an appointment with a veterinarian whenever your dogue de bordeaux has halitosis.

Medicines and Toxins: What to Do

medical If you’re considering giving your dogue de bordeaux medication that was not prescribed for him by his veterinarian, don’t do it. For example, are you aware that just one ibuprofen capsule can cause ulcers in dogue de bordeauxs? Make sure your dogue de bordeaux is never exposed to rat poison and other rodenticides.

In the end, the health of your dogue de bordeaux largely depends on you. Remember that in this area, you and your dog are not equals; you, as the dog parent, are always supposed to know better. So make sure you act like it.

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