You and Your Dog: Best of Friends(?)

If you do want to be best friends with your dogue de bordeaux, it might entail more than just posting photos of you and him on your tech blog; you’re going to have to work at it a little more than that.

More important than your website visitors, of course, is you actual dogue de bordeaux who needs a lot of extra care, owing to the specificity of its breed and background. If you’d like a better relationship with it, therefore, you do need to be paying a lot of attention.

Dogue de Bordeaux


ice creamFeeding can be a huge issue for your dogue de bordeaux, in more ways than just the literal. Premium-quality dry dog food ensures a balanced diet for full-grown dogue de bordeauxs and can mix with water, broth, or canned food. Your dogue de bordeaux may have a taste for cooked eggs, cottage cheese, and fruits and vegetables, but these additions should be less than 10 pct of his or her daily allowance.

Dogue de bordeaux pups must be fed high-quality, name brand puppy food. You should try to cut down on “table food”, though, because it can cause mineral and vitamin imbalances, tooth and bone problems, and might create extremely finicky food choices as well as obesity. Give fresh, clean water always, and be sure to wash water and food bowls very often.

Keeping Your Dogue de Bordeaux in the House

Your dogue de bordeaux needs a comfy quiet location to relax away from all the drafts and off the floor or ground. You may want to think about buying a dog bed, or make one from a wooden box. Put a clean comforter or pillow inside the bed for cushioning. Wash the dogue de bordeaux’s bed covering often.

The Question of Training

A well-mannered, companion dogue de bordeaux can be a blessing. However, left untrained, your dog can easily be nothing but trouble. Training your dogue de bordeaux on the fundamentals—”Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Down”, “Heel”, “Off”, and “Leave it”—bolsters your relationship with both the pooch and the relatives. If you’re the owner of a pup, start training him on the appropriate behavior as soon as possible.

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