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How does the dogue de Bordeaux look?

The Dogue de Bordeaux is an old French dog breed with a stocky and powerful body covered with loose skin. The breed’s trademark is the large head with a serious expression. The dogs have oval-shaped eyes that are set wide apart and come in shades of hazel to dark brown. Their ears are slightly rounded on the tips, set high on the head and fall back. The ears are typically a darker shade than the coat color.

Is this breed typically friendly?

Well, if what you mean by friendly is if they’re loyal, then the answer is yes.If you’re looking for a watchdog (that is, someone who’s going to help you secure the household while you’re away or asleep), then you’ve found the perfect animal companion. Dogues de Bordeaux are excellent watchdogs. They are loyal and close with family members, and fearless and courageous with strangers.

Is it true that this breed needs daily exercise?

Yes, this is true. You see, daily activity really helps dogue de bordeauxs avoid boredom, which has the potential to lead to destructive behavior. Exercise can quench most of your dogue de bordeaux’s desires to dig, chase, herd, chew and retrieve. Activity needs will vary based on your dogue de bordeaux’s age and his or her level of health.

Should you train your dogue de bordeaux?

Again, the answer is yes. A well-mannered, companion dogue de bordeaux can be a blessing. However, left untrained, your dog can easily be nothing but trouble. Training your dogue de bordeaux on the fundamentals—”Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Down”, “Heel”, “Off”, and “Leave it”—bolsters your relationship with both the pooch and the relatives. If you’re the owner of a pup, start training him on the appropriate behavior as soon as possible.

How can ticks and fleas be treated/prevented?

Daily inspections of your dogue de bordeaux for ticks and fleas throughout the warm seasons are of utmost importance. You can find fleas using a flea comb. There are numerous new methods of tick mitigation. Ask your veterinarian about these and other options.

What should you do with bad breath in your dogue de bordeaux?

Schedule an appointment with your vet. For all you know, that bad breath may just be the symptom of an even worse problem.

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